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Firearms Training -Take Advantage of Being an American

Recent surveys and polls show that Americans are horribly uneducated in American history and what really should be basic knowledge for any citizen. For example, when asked how many amendments are in the Bill of Rights, a majority of average citizens could not supply the correct answer (ten). When asked what the Second Amendment was meant to protect against, most citizens couldn't explain the reasoning behind what could be called the second most important right we as Americans have (in order to have an armed militia in the event that an armed rebellion is necessary).

Leave it to a Spanish columnist, then, to be thrilled and amazed at what he saw at Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, America's most successful shooting school. Following the requirement to take a course from Front Sight before being granted an interview with the Institute's director and founder, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the Castilian was continually impressed with the students and their responses to the education. His response to the location and instructors themselves was particularly notable: "In front of a big white tent surrounded by vehicles, dressed in dark colors, were the instructors. Monumental hats, huge boots. Big guns hanging off their belts. Dark glasses. Combat uniforms. Ignatius Piazza stood in the middle with a Glock on his hip."

He went on to describe several of the students and attendees. But according to him, there was one couple that took the cake as the American representatives: "An old couple from Pahrump [, the nearest town to Front Sight,] was perhaps the couple that best represented the community in Gun City. They had thought to emigrate to Tenerife because there, they said, there was almost no crime. Several reasons kept them in Nevada, where they had been assaulted four times and robbed in their own house. What to do until their new neighborhood in Gun City was completed? Arm up to the bones and be ready to receive the robbers with guns."

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