Front Sight

Front Sight: City of Brotherly Love

In the last several years, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute has received a tremendous amount of press. Interviewers have come from all over the world to interview the founder and director of the world's first firearms gun town, Dr. Ignatius Piazza. And Dr. Piazza gladly accepts them and gives them interviews. On one condition: they take one of his courses. And they do. Dr. Piazza's intention in doing this is simple: people taking any of his courses learn to respect firearms, but they learn that this respect is exactly what Front Sight expects of its students. Even if an interviewer is staunchly pro-gun-control, one course shows that at the very least, Dr. Piazza's gun town isn't going to have psychotic neo-NAZIs running around town.

In El Pais Semenal, a publication circulated in Spain, we get a direct look at Dr. Piazza's methods and clientele. The writer for El Pais met 9-year-old Knyte, a boy whose parents bought him his first gun, a 9mm pistol, when he turned six. Says the writer: "During a break, I asked the little boy Knyte if this was more fun than playing cops and robbers with his friends, or watching TV. He looked at me uninterested. He said no. He said that once you taste real fire, it is no longer fun to play cops and robbers with fake guns."

What an interesting concept: a child who is given proper gun training doesn't feel the need or desire to pretend to kill his friends. Excuse my sarcasm, but what a surprise! As if training and education give a child responsibility over a subject. Or anyone for that matter. Gun training, especially gun training at Front Sight, gives men, women and children competent control of firearms and their guns. More and more people, from all over the world, are discovering this simple fact.

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