Front Sight

Front Sight Offers Gun Training Unlike Anything Anywhere Else

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is America's leader in gun training today. Front Sight leads the industry by training more students in effective, safe gun training than all other shooting schools in America combined. The "Front Sight Experience", as students who have attended tend to call it, is unlike anything else in the world. The thrill of being trained in completely responsible, effective gun use is unlike anything anyone not having experienced could imagine.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of Front Sight. He is one of the nation's strongest proponents of gun training. His house was randomly attacked in a random drive-by shooting several years ago. During and shortly after the attack on his neighborhood, Dr. Piazza realized that although he had spent many hours at firing ranges, he had no idea how to defend himself if the anti-socials who had been attacking his home decided to invade his home. This realization set him on a path with a large final goal.

The smaller goal along the way to the large final goal was to achieve total understanding of firearms and their effective use. That is an obvious first step on the road of safeguarding yourself and your loved ones. But Dr. Piazza's larger mission wasn't just to train himself to a point where he'd never fear a gun-toting aggressor ever again; his mission was and is to deliver to all of America gun training that will allow them to walk proudly, safely and with confidence, knowing that they're in control of any dangerous situation that might come their way.

Gun training isn't just an aspect of self defense training for Dr. Piazza, it's a way of life. He himself is a Four Weapons Combat Master, one of the most difficult firearms training certifications to achieve. He would be more than content with training each and every American to such a point: master.

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