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Why Shouldn't Citizens Get Handgun Training?

More and more private citizens all over America are realizing the same thing: why shouldn't it be expected for private citizens to get handgun training? Handgun training is something that any American of any age could benefit from. In the recent past, Americans have gotten self defense training of many kinds. Those who didn't learn how to fight and defend themselves on the school grounds or out back with the guys took boxing or wrestling in high school. Furthermore, a huge wave of Tae Kwan Doe and Karate gyms popping up in small towns everywhere induced awareness of self defense training even more. But it's not until the last few years that Americans have truly taken a firm stance on firearms training as self defense training.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, the nation's largest firearms training school, is pleased with the paradigm shift. Obviously, his opinion is that all Americans should get firearms training. But his viewpoint goes beyond a simply business one. Obviously, his business does better if more and more people want to get firearms training, but the key factor in his standpoint comes from his desire to have America stay safe and protected. Dr. Piazza is of the opinion that gun training - handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training or even submachine gun training - is the key to keeping America safe. He thinks that if all Americans have competent firearms training, criminals won't have a chance - especially armed criminals.

Dr. Piazza wants only for all of America to be safe and trained in keeping themselves safe. His viewpoint differs from your average police officer or state official in that he doesn't want to keep people safe, he wants to empower the people to keep themselves safe. His viewpoint is rare in America today - responsibility has recently become a dirty word - but it's all the louder for it.

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