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Self Defense Training is For You: Believe the Castilianz

Whenever Dr. Ignatius Piazza, the founder and director of America's most successful shooting school, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute, is asked for an interview, he is happy to accept, but on one condition: the columnist must take a 1-day course from Front Sight before the interview. When Dr. Piazza was contacted by El Pais Semenal, a periodical from Spain, the rules were the same. The Castilian press member attended a course which was being offered by Front Sight for free at the time: a 1-day submachine gun training course.

Surprisingly, although most of Europe has very strict gun control laws, the Spaniard fell in love with Front Sight and their self defense training. In what can only be described as humorously near- (but not-) broken English, the Castilian opens his article thus: "Gun City. The city of arms. Does this seem to you like a paradise? You need to see it. We will wait for you with a gun in our hand and open arms. Highway 160 in route to Los Angeles. You can't miss it. Right behind it, Las Vegas. You can drive very fast. There is very little traffic at dawn. Bring your gun along. You don't have one? I am not surprised. Europe is way behind. That obsession to disarm the population. We will fix it. No problem. We have an arsenal. We will loan you what you need. Guns. Rifles."

While bordering on difficult to follow at times, the Spaniard's article was clearly supportive of Front Sight and its goal: to train America (or the world) in safe, effective, responsible gun use. The European clearly saw the self defense training that was inherent in all gun training.

Self defense training is exactly what Dr. Piazza crafted all the Front Sight courses to be. According to Dr. Piazza, when an individual gets gun training, he is getting self defense training of guns. If one does want to be attacked by fists and kicks, he gets hand-to-hand self defense training. If one doesn't want to be attacked by guns and bullets, he should get firearms self defense training. The European gets it – does America?

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