Front Sight

More Than Cops Are Getting Shotgun Training at Front Sight

Featured in magazines and editorials all over the world for its revolutionary approach to all firearms training - shotgun training, handgun training, rifle training and submachine gun training, Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is used to publicity. Featured recently in El Pais Semenal, a large Spanish periodical, Front Sight is making splashes again with their most recent plans to revolutionize the way America views and gets firearms training.

Currently, Front Sight is a large, sparsely building-ed lot of land a few miles south and west of Las Vegas, Nevada, near the city of Pahrump. What Dr. Piazza has in mind for Front Sight, however, is something entirely unheard of. The point of interest which brought a reporter all the way over from Spain was the news that Dr. Piazza plans to convert his shooting school into the world's first luxury-class residential community. For purchasing the highest membership to Front Sight, about $350,000, a family can purchase and build upon one of the 177 one-acre lots.

But Front Sight will be far more than just a shooting school with a few houses nearby. Front Sight is taking the opportunity to turn itself into the finest gun training school in the world. There will be nearly 20 state-of-the-art firing ranges open 24 hours a day for handgun training, shotgun training and the like, a 1,000-yard rifle range, a 12,000 square foot gymnasium for unarmed self defense training, a five-story SWAT training tower for urban/indoor training, a private K-12 school, a convenience store and an armory. Quite a line-up for what was nothing more than a dream a few years ago.

Already, Front Sight has blown the competition out of the water: currently Front Sight delivers firearms training of all sorts, not only handgun training but also rifle training and shotgun training, to more students than all other shooting schools in the nation combined.

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